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With an astounding career spanning over 30 years in the photography industry, Paul “Brobes” Broben is one of Australia’s most revered and seasoned photographers. You would already be familiar with some of his work. Having cut his teeth as a Golden Quill and Walkley award-winning media and press photographer, Brobes’ early work routinely adorned the front pages of newspapers all over the world. Quickly gaining notoriety as the one to watch, Brobes found himself thrust onto film and television sets where he would hone his craft further in controlled environments. Whether it was capturing the subtlety and nuance in an actor’s expression or covering the sheer scale and magnificence of a Hollywood explosion, he became an expert in telling the story.

In the decades that have followed, Brobes has built and enjoyed a long and diverse career as a multidisciplinary photographer; masterfully depicting any subject he sets his photographic gaze upon. Boasting a wide range of international and national clients, the breadth and scope of Brobes’ imagery has been the cornerstone that many brands have built their visual identity upon. His areas of speciality and service include (but, are not limited to) commercial, architectural, film and television production stills, editorial, advertising, culinary, product, event and conference photography as well as mining and other industry photography. Short video production and one-on-one tuition and training are also on offer.

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